So why should you read this book? Liz Swanson, Author of Life in the Clutter, is a 40+ year old woman that has lived enough years to gain some wisdom from her life experiences and felt compelled to commit those to paper and share with others that may be able to benefit from what she has learned. According to Liz, ” There are a few things I know to be true and believe they will make your life easier if you accept them now and stop fighting against them.”

Following are some of the truths Liz shares… in no particular order:

  • Puppies and babies pee and poop all the time and in the most inconvenient places, so you better get use to it if you want either around.
  • If you live long enough, God will make you humble.
  • Good, bad, or indifferent, you get one body for this time around, so you better learn to love it.
  • The climbing up and looking back are some of the best moments in life.
  • Clean sheets on a bed is one of the best little pleasures in life.
  • God is real and alive, and he has a plan for your life!
  • Motherhood is never what you think it is going to be.
  • Watching your child sleep is as close as we get on earth to touching the Divine.
  • True friends are rare jewels, so treat them well.

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